New Yorker finds home in Nebraska

Lee Marion moved frequently as a kid.

Lee Marion is a broadcasting and journalism student at UNL.

Originally from Buffalo, New York, Marion, a broadcasting and journalism major, lived in the Caribbean Islands and Oklahoma City before moving to Omaha before his freshman year of high school.

Yet, it’s Nebraska where Marion, 20, found his home.

“The people here are friendly,” he said. “It’s a great place to grow up and raise a family.”

Marion moved to Omaha shortly after the Creighton University Department of Pathology accepted his mother, Sue. Marion felt beyond excited for his mother, but at the time, he knew nothing about Nebraska.

“We didn’t even know where Nebraska was,” Marion said.

He grew to love it, though. He lived in house in a cul-de-sac and became close with the neighbor kids. He went to Millard South High School, where he played soccer, and met his girlfriend, Megan.

It’s these bonds that keep Marion in Nebraska.

“I wouldn’t feel as secure in Nebraska had I not found these connections,” he said.

Marion will always call Buffalo his home. He says he’ll go back often to see family.

But his current home is Nebraska, and his hopes are to live in the state and work for a small town newspaper.

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