Recent success illustrates growth for UNL student

For Christian Folsom, a bad grade became the turning point in his young career.

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln student had already had some disappointment. The Kansas City, Missouri, native had  dreamed of becoming a Kansas Jayhawk. However, the lack of an offer of financial aid shattered that dream.

“They didn’t offer me a single cent,” he said.

He decided to accept UNL’s offer of scholarship. The opportunity to thrive was there, but it took a D+ in a freshman Calculus class for him to fully embrace it.

“I was doing the bare minimum in high school,” he said. “That won’t fly in Lincoln.”

From then on, Folsom knew he needed to improve. His grades went up to As and Bs and pretty soon his motivation in the classroom started to payoff outside the classroom.

He now interns at Nebraska Public Television and was previously at 93.7 The Ticket. His ultimate dream is to become a soccer commentator for Primera Divisiòn de España in Spain.

Through recent accomplishments and passion for the game he loves, he said it won’t be hard to find motivation to chase his dream.

“Success, I guess, is the biggest motivator,” he said. “Success to do what I want to do.”

Folsom reflects on his UNL experience

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