UNL student calm in the classroom, frenzied in the front row

That publishing internship in Illinois? Maybe. Championing women’s rights in Lincoln? A noble cause. Cali? The Big Apple? Not off limits. Truthfully, the only thing Omaha native Anna Dubas knows for sure about her future is that it needs to be loud and full of dancing.

As a college junior, her money is tight, her time is money, and the responsibilities are snowballing. But pitch the idea of going to a concert and you’ll witness Dubas rip open an agenda and zealously defuse any obligations.

She adores live music because, unlike her collegiate grind, it’s unscripted. Kanye West isn’t likely to pop up and play an off-the-cuff banger with her mass media law professor, and her professor isn’t Chance the Rapper—though she may daydream so. It’s been hard to shake the imagery of that Chicago concert from her mind.

People often ask her if Bᴓrns in K.C. topped Chance, but it’s apples and oranges. She says no two concerts are comparable, though they all hold the same appeal.

“Everyone shares a love for the artist and you can immediately bond with people you would’ve never otherwise known over a simple passion for good music,” she said.

Dubas and her go-to partner for spontaneous arena-hopping, Chandler Hoeft, christened 2017 by drinking in The Lumineers from the front-row in Omaha.

“I’d rather spend my money on these experiences than on material things,” she said.

“No matter what, you’ll always have those memories with friends.”

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