UNL student chases her dreams in the big city



Just after a month and a half on the job, Taylor Fischetto went from intern to mentor.

The internship was for a footwear designer, Paul Andrew, and Fischetto had to move to New York City on her own. Fischetto grew up in Oradell, N.J., but went to high school in Omaha. She is used to moving around and is able to adapt pretty easily.

She lived in a summer housing program at New York University with two other roommates. “I lived in a 14-floor dorm with no air conditioning. It was so hot,” she said.

Despite that, she felt lucky because they were on the 12th floor with the best view.

“I rather live in New York with no air conditioning than here with air conditioning,” she said.

Fischetto described the internship like the movie “Devil Wears Prada.”  She had to run errands just like the main character in the movie.

Her favorite days of the week were Wednesdays and Thursdays because she took photos for the company’s Instagram page. She would pick shoes to feature and take pictures of them with models.

When her mentor left for another job, Fischetto had to take up her role, which including overseeing “Market Week,” which is a public showcase event for the shoes.

At the end of the day, she said, “It was really fun. I felt welcome for sure.”

She concluded her thoughts after the internship:


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