UNL student films practices, games for Huskers

Matt Pearce finishes his second Gatorade in the course of the two hour Husker football practice. Yet he never even stepped foot on the field.

The junior journalism major is actually up in a tower filming the practice. He does this every day as a part of the team’s video staff.

Pearce’s love for football is what originally got him interested in the job. From learning how to throw a spiral with his dad to spending almost every day on the video staff filming plays, football has always been Pearce’s favorite sport.

After a couple of phone calls from his high school football coach in Brandon, South Dakota, Pearce was set up with the position before he got to UNL. After his first season with the team, Pearce knew he wanted to keep this job for the rest of his time at the university.

There’s no place he would rather be on game day than in the end zone or above the press box filming. Pearce gets an uncompromised view of every play, while being paid to watch a sport he loves. Pearce has no plans of leaving the press box anytime soon as he plans his future career in football.

“It’s a new play to film every single time,” Pearce said. “It’s like a chess match.”

Pearce discusses the possibilities of a career in football:


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