UNL student is highly motivated by being underestimated

Underestimating Sarah Troyer’s abilities can have its consequences.

“I think people have an idea that I’m not too smart and can’t accomplish any serious task,” she said, describing herself as a quick-witted jokester. “But that is where my drive comes from — the drive to smite people.”

Troyer, 20, a Lincoln native, has taken that drive to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where she majors in journalism and minors in criminology and English.

Her motivation to write sprouted in high school while working on her school’s yearbook and bloomed after discovering her knack for writing and the freedom it provides.

“I think a lot of my talent and love for writing comes from my ability to B.S. my way through things,” she said, jokingly.

But, adding seriously, she also finds writing and journalism enjoyable because they are tools to express thoughts and ideas that are often difficult to say in person.

Troyer’s goal is to someday work as an investigative journalist — potentially writing about crime because she finds the topic — and criminals — fascinating.

Focused on print journalism, she is increasingly driven to contribute to the profession because journalists continue to experience mounting public criticisms.

She simply wants to “show people what good journalism can do.”

Listen: Troyer run-in with teacher

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