UNL military man follows tradition, his own interests

Since the Civil War, Anthony Paul’s family has taken up arms for America.

so it’s no wonder that with that pedigree, this man from North Carolina is carrying on family’s military tradition.  Originally enlisted with the Nebraska National Guard as a truck driver, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln senior now works in the Army’s Reserved Officer’s Training Corps at UNL. After graduation, he plans to work as an officer handling logistics for at least 10 years.

Much of Paul’s admiration for the military started during childhood when his father shared his stories, such as the one during his time as a paratrooper during Operation: Just Cause in Panama. His father described enemies firing at his plane as he jumped and how the mission was practically completed after his landing.

“He never even fired his rifle,” Paul said. “I grew up seeing how important (the military) was. . . . how cool it could be.”

Yet Paul still marches to the beat of his own drums. At UNL, he majors in journalism, which he says offers more personal independence than the Army.

“Even if it’s not going to apply later, I got a backup plan,” he said.

In the end, Paul expresses independence and still follows his ancestors’ footsteps.

“I just fell in love with (the military), and I just want to keep doing it.”

Anthony Paul Shares Family Story About Marines


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