UNL student living in two different cultures

Ryudo Bruce Komesu
Age: 21
Home: Okinawa, Japan
Major: Business Management and Early Childhood Education
Hobbies: Guitar, piano and singing
Favorite Saying: “If there are 10 people, there are 10 colors.”


Growing up in two different cultures and countries can be difficult.

Ryudo Bruce Komesu has lived both in the United States and Japan. He understands how having two cultures can be different.

Komesu lived in the United States before his teenage years then spent those years in Japan

“I grew up into two cultures and it was difficult at first. My parents raised me in a Japanese culture while I was in America,” he said.

This made an easier transition when Komesu lived in Japan.

“In the beginning it was really hard. When I came to Japan, a lot of things were different. For example, when you enter in the school there are special slippers you have to wear,” he said.

Komesu has also found his time in America and at UNL very beneficial.

“I do like UNL, it is very different. I feel like a lot of students are very independent here and I respect that,” he said.

Komesu found some differences with college. The cultures were so different to him and he had to adjust when he came back to the United States.

“In Japan there is a custom that the parents pay for everything until college at least and that’s a little different here,” he said.

But Komesu has found some benefits of coming to UNL, like being involved with student organizations.

“Student organizations and how much social media influence has been very new to me,” he said. “I’m in Global Friends of Japan which is an RSO on campus and we use social media a lot to engage with students,” he said.

He also knew people going into college so it wasn’t too hard making friends.

“I enjoy my campus life and the diverse atmosphere here,” he said.

Komesu plans to use his two majors to benefit Japan after he graduates. He plans to return to Japan to start a teaching career.

“I want to do something to build an institution that focuses on children and families. I have a passion for people so I want to focus on the beginning stages of people,” he said.

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