Former standup comedian brings humor to Lincoln sports radio

One of Lincoln’s most popular afternoon sports talk radio shows breaks away from conventional sports talk.

“The Brett Kane Show w/ Bock” airs weekdays from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m on KNTK 93.7 The Ticket with Kane and his co-host Jake “Bock” Bockoven. The show, ranked third in its market, gives the listener sports talk, opinions and updates, but adds elements of pop culture and humor to make it widely entertaining.

Brett Kane hosts “The Brett Kane Show w/ Bock” weekdays on Lincoln’s 93.7 The Ticket.

“I’m a fan of the mesh between sports and pop culture,” Kane said. “It’s something I enjoy because I can’t be one of those guys who talks sports for four hours a day. I need to venture out.”

Venture out, he does. The show is popular for its random segments. There is the Drunk Takes segment, where Kane and Bock slow their sports takes down to half speed to make it sound like they’re drunk, and there are Bock’s movie reviews, which Kane says are often horrible, are popular too because of the poorness of the review.

“It’s the stupid stuff that’s the best,” Kane said. “I love sports, I love talking sports, but it’s the stuff that makes me giggle that I like the most.”

Since college, Kane has aspired to make people laugh. He tried stints as a stand-up comedian by doing shows in bars and restaurants. When that didn’t turn out, he mixed his two favorites: comedy and sports.

Before Kane came to Lincoln, he had sports radio shows in Omaha and Grand Rapids, Michigan. His job in Grand Rapids ended unexpectedly, leaving Kane to scramble.

“I emailed everyone I knew to see if they had a job,” he said. “As luck would have it, this job opened.”

In June 2016, “The Brett Kane Show w/ Bock” hit the airwaves.


Husker sports dominate the local Lincoln sports market, and fans demand plenty of coverage for local Husker teams. Kane understands that and covers the Huskers to the best of his ability. He routinely invites guests from the Omaha World-Herald, Lincoln Journal Star, Husker Online and Husker Illustrated to talk all the latest Husker sports news. However, Kane hears complaints now and then when his show gets away from that.

“In a market, especially like this one that’s centered around (Husker sports), it’s tough finding topics in the duller times and making it captivating enough to hold an audience.

“We’ve been on long enough where people understand what they’re getting from us,” he said. “I get the, ‘Why are you talking about Drake and Rhianna? This is a sports show,’ all the time. We give you sports as much as we can, but I can’t do that for four hours.”

The Ticket’s program director Connor Happer applauds Kane for his style and says he’s different than any other host the station has seen.

“He has so much fun with it in his own way.” Happer said. “His style, at first, kind of catches you off guard, then you realize that’s how he does it, and it’s pretty good.

“We want our (personalities) to have a vision on what they want their show to be. What they want it to sound like, what they want it to look like, and it feels like Brett is doing all of that really well.”

Kane lives in Omaha, so he has roughly 45 minutes to process the day’s show on the drive home.

“If I had fun, then no matter what, it was a successful show.”

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