Stoltenberg tailgate tradition lives on [by David Eickholt]

  • The host Scott Stoltenberg firing the grill up and doing his best 'Salt Bae' impression

Scott Stoltenberg has a huge setup for his tailgate and for good reason. His nephew is Nebraska junior starting nose tackle Mick Stoltenberg. Every week is a family gathering as 30-to-40 people usually show up to support Mick and the Huskers.

“We’ve been huge Husker fans going back to my grandma. She lived and died for the Huskers. It’s been a lot of fun having Mick on the team,” Stoltenberg said.

“Once a year we try to bring all of our family from around the Midwest to a game,” Stoltenberg said. “This year it’s going to be Wisconsin and we will have around 50-60 people. We have a lot planned for Wisconsin.”

Stoltenberg is no stranger to going to Nebraska games, but his tailgating didn’t start at an early age. As a child, the Stoltenberg’s weren’t in a position to attend many Nebraska football games. But Scott Stoltenberg does remembers listening to the games on the radio with his dad.

“We moved back from Chicago in 1998 and we really started this tailgating thing up again,” Stoltenberg said.

Stoltenberg said they want to continue adding on to their tailgate gatherings in Lincoln. This past year, they evolved the tailgate by adding a margarita bar. In past years they added a giant TV and a larger grill that can cook shrimp, chicken wings, tenderloins, lobster and many other foods at the same time.

Stoltenberg said that once friends and family are invited to their tailgate, they’re permanently invited. It has become bigger than just a family ordeal and that he has no plans of stopping anytime soon.


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