30 years in the making – A Husker tradition

Story and Photos by Bekkah Watkins, NewsNetNebraska

It’s been four years under the shade tree next to the stadium and it’s been just about 30 years in the stadium loop.

After spending 35 years on the football staff as a volunteer team physician, Rod Basler is happy to spend his Saturday’s tailgating with friends and family. Sometimes even nearby tailgaters just stop by to celebrate.

He still wears the championship ring he got back in 1994 when Ben Burns, the athletic director, gave the volunteers rings too.

Basler and his family have been tailgating in the stadium loop for the past 30 years and wouldn’t have it any other way. They have two spots right at the top of the horse shoe, with the perfect view of the player’s bus when it pulls up to begin the day.

The tailgate also gets full sight and sound from the Unity Walk Pep Band.

We keep adding people,” Basler said. They start at 6:30 in the morning by setting up their two tents and either get some chicken, Mexican food, or as Basler said, “my sweet wife just makes everything.”

That’s the Husker tradition.

It takes about 9 minutes on a busy game day for Basler and his wife to get to the stadium and it’s really not too bad.

Their expectation for the season is pretty open. “I think we are going to have to scramble to win six games,” Basler said. “I think if we win six games we will keep Riley one more year.”

He’s looking forward to the home Northwestern game and a bit worried about the Ohio State game.

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