Distance doesn’t keep these Husker fans from putting on a tailgate

Produced by Matt Jensen, NewsNetNebraska

  • Scott and Michele Walker with the trailer they purchased two years ago.

Two former residents of Nebraska, Scott and Michele Walker, make the six-and-a-half hour drive down to Lincoln from Minneapolis for every Husker home game to host their tailgate. Their weekend starts Friday at 7 a.m. when they leave Minneapolis to head to Lincoln and ends Sunday when it is time to head back home. They have been hosting their own tailgate for 10 years, but have been tailgating for much longer than that. Their tailgate is located east of Memorial Stadium in the parking lot behind the University of Nebraska Lincoln’s health center.

On average, the Walkers believe they have anywhere from 50-100 people at their tailgates. Michele says their tailgate is always open to anyone who wants to join.

One of the big attractions of their tailgate is the trailer they got two years ago. The trailer makes it easier to carry more items and is equipped with an entertainment system and surround sound speakers. This trailer is also wrapped with a Husker black shirt themed design.

The Walkers usually take an hour to set up the tailgate on the morning of the game, but Michele said they spend most of the day before prepping/preparing the food. The Walker’s family, who still live in Nebraska,  pitches in and helps make the food at Michele’s mom’s house in Waverly, Nebraska. Every week, the Walkers have a new menu of food to select from. Popular items are rotated back on to the menu either later in the year or the following year. To do these menus and the tailgates, the Walkers usually spend about 500 dollars a weekend for everything.

Besides tailgating at all the home games, Scott said they make it to at least two away games a year as well.

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