Family, food, football and former players make up Huskers tailgate

  • Gibbons tailgate sits right on the other side of the railroad tracks, giving them a great view of Memorial before headed to game.

Produced & written by Sarah Firestone.

Friends, family, football, and food. That’s all you really need for a good tailgate. It’s a time to relax after the work week and get ready to cheer on the Nebraska Cornhuskers to a victory. For the Gibbons family, they invite friends, clients, and players to join them for a burger and a beer.

This fall marks Mike and Meg Gibbons ninth season tailgating at the Cornhuskers home football games. Their prime location near Memorial Stadium allows friends, family, and clients to stop in for some food and drink before walking over the bridge to join in the sea of red.

The Gibbons make their tailgate a welcoming and open atmosphere for friends to relax and just have some fun before and after the game. Each guest in entered into their raffle for all kinds of door prizes, and they always have football to toss around.

The Felici family, whose son, Joey, played for the Huskers from 2010-15, is one of the guest couples that stop by the tailgate. Mrs. Felici says she really feels for the guys and understands a little of what they go through because of her son and husband both playing for the Huskers.

The connection with the players allows the Gibbons to offer them a private place after the games to relax, eat, and escape the game day aftermath.

It’s important to Gibbons that when the players stop by to grab a bite to eat that they feel that they can relax and leave the game behind. Mike says it’s not about who the players are that have stopped by his tailgate, but that they can come relax, eat, just have a place to go to get away right after the game. Win or loss, they just love to have the guys stop by and offer them a place to go that wouldn’t have judgments about the game from earlier that day.

Over the years, the Gibbons have welcomed a number of clients from Mike’s law firm, and many players like Dave Rimmington, Matt Shaw, Kenny Bell, and Nate Gerry have all stopped by at some point. It’s more than just eating and drinking on a Saturday. For the Gibbons tailgating is about  the atmosphere and those friends who come to enjoy it.





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