Husker Nemecek tailgates: Preparation is key

  • Ronell Nemecek, right, is enjoying the company at their tailgate.

Story and Photos by Katrina Sperl, News Net Nebraska

Husker football season is not just for football at Memorial Stadium. For many, it’s a time for tailgates filled with family, friends, traditions and a lot of food.

For Bob Nemecek of Lincoln, tailgating at Nebraska football games is something he has enjoyed for more than 30 years.

With so many years under his belt, Nemecek says preparation is important in hosting a successful tailgate.

“You can’t just show up, you need to prepare at least a week in advance,” says Nemecek.

Details like transportation, supplies, and food are all Nemecek tailgate checklist items that must be nailed down in advance so nothing is forgotten.

Along with preparation, Nemecek’s tailgate has created traditions along the way. Every first home Husker game the Nemecek’s host a cream can party. Nemecek cooks all of the tailgate food on the menu in a cream can. Once it is cooked in the cream can, he dumps all the food – sweet corn, potatoes, brats, hot dogs, carrots and polish dogs-  in a hog trough for serving.

Another food tradition at the tailgate is the Nemecek’s famous ‘N’ cookies. They’re basically sugar cookies in the shape of an N, but friends and family expect them at every Nemecek tailgate.

“Everybody comes by at least once just to get a cookie,” says Nemecek.

Nemecek says coming together and enjoying good food with family and friends is worth all the time it takes to prepare a Husker tailgate.

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