Ingersoll Rand tailgate gathers more than employees and customers

Story and visuals by Bree Samani, NewsNetNebraska

  • Family, friends, employees and customers gather for the Huskers vs Rutgers football game. "The busiest games are the afternoon games, that's when the most people come," Jon Sprunk said.

A liquor cabinet, a nacho station and a popcorn machine are a few new additions to Jon Sprunk’s tailgate. Sprunk’s tailgate is sponsored by Ingersoll Rand, an industrial company he is district general manager for.

This tailgate is located under the I-80 bridge west of Memorial Stadium. The tailgate is hard to miss with Sprunk’s camouflage-wrapped Ford F-150 hitched with a large black trailer. The trailer sits underneath a tent covering a wood pellet grill, tables and chairs.

Sprunk’s tailgate is in its fourth year and he plans to continue it for years to come. A variety of customers, employees, family and friends attend the tailgate for the Husker home games. “It’s a good thing to bring our customers together and show our appreciation for them. It’s good to get all the family and spend time together,” Sprunk said. 

After six hours of preparation for each tailgate, Sprunk provides board games, bag toss, a television for watching football games and large amounts of food to cater 80 to 100 people. Cheers radiate from the Husker fans as they prepare for the game. 

In order to feed this large crowd, the tailgate provides various eats including beef fillets, chicken strips, corn dogs, pretzels, mac and cheese, margaritas, brownies and beer. Sprunk said the tailgate has grown significantly over time and he thinks it will continue to get bigger.

Jon’s brother, Jeff Sprunk has attended this tailgate ever since it came into existence. Jeff helps with the setting up and tearing down of the tailgate. He said he likes being around the people and watching the game. “I just like the experience down here, around the stadium, around the people,” Jeff Sprunk said.  According to Jeff, many people from other tailgates migrate to Jon’s tent.
One of Jon Sprunk’s favorite memories was during an Iowa game a few years ago when it was 10 degrees outside and sleeting.

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