Seventy years a Husker

  • Tom and his family have been tailgating for the last four years. (From left to right: Tom Wolf, Evan Wolf, Ellen Brodie, John Brodie)

Story and photos by Sydny Boyd, NewsNetNebraska

Tom Wolf, has been a Husker fan for 70 years. He was born a season ticket holder. It was a gift that just keeps on giving, he said.

“I used to go to every home game,” Wolf said. “But now I go in for a few. The rest I spend right here.”

He’s referring to the lot behind Architecture Hall. He’s got a silver truck parked on the end space next to the grass.

“It’s perfect for the kids,” Wolf said.

Wolf gets to his spot four hours before kickoff and plugs in the crockpots, sets out the coolers and gets the TV ready.

My sons built it for me. Wolf said. “They got me speakers and a TV and built it right into my tailgate truck.”

Wolf’s truck has everything his tailgate might need. The TV is built in, the crockpots have carrying cases that strap to the sides of the bed, the benches and speakers fold down and sit in the back and the flag stays up no matter where the truck is parked.

“This is just my tailgating truck,” Wolf said. “We use it for this, that’s why it’s all gussied up.”

His family and friends join the tailgate and all bring food to share. The spread usually includes pulled pork sandwiches, chips and dip, cookies and root beer. He loves everything about game day.

“The kids love the root beer.” Wolf said, “And we love the Huskers.”

Wolf said that no matter the state of the program, the Wolf family bleeds red.

“We’ve always been Husker fans and we always will be,” he said. “I don’t care what anyone else says about the team. We love our boys.”

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