The Cornhusker student tailgate experience

  • UNL graduate student Ivy Diehl sits and enjoys a respite from the afternoon sun.

Story written by Ky Veney , NewsNetNebraska

Although tailgating in the North Bottoms neighborhood has received a lot of negative attention this football season, some students still believe it should still be the main spot for student tailgating. Shauna Reed, a sophomore hospitality major weighed in on why. “It’s (tailgating in the North Bottoms) one thing I just love.”

While the state of tailgating in the North Bottoms is as uncertain as Nebraska’s win ratio for the 2017 season, many people still believe in making the trip to the tailgate. Colin Boyle and Kenzie Meyer, recent UNL graduates and current Plattsmouth residents, find time to return to tailgating even after graduation. Even though the season hasn’t started strong, Boyle pointed out that game day is about more thanwinning. “It’s just about coming out, supporting the team, showing the team how serious we are about the game,” Boyle said.

The scene was different in the “Bottoms” on Saturday than in the past. Parking lots that are usually over capacity sat empty. The sea of red was scattered and distributed more like a stream of red, steadily flowing south over the pedestrian bridge on 10th Street. That doesn’t discourage Jim Brune, a UNL senior finance major, from hosting a tailgate party in his backyard every game day.

While Brune flipped the burgers, others played darts and bucket ball and argued about Nebraska’s coaching staff. Some were optimistic about the day’s game against Rutgers, and others were more nervous about the team’s performance than anything. All were in agreement about the value of tailgating though. Michael Kleine, a senior finance major with season football tickets, also weighed in on the season so far, “I think just… staying for Saturdays, because you just never know when you’re going to get another one.”


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