Lincoln mom perfects the art of tailgating

Kate Pieper is the mastermind behind her family’s tailgate.

Kate Pieper and family friend Nick Theisen tailgate outside of Morrill Hall, on Saturday, Sept. 23.

“We have it down to an art,” she said. “We pack the car the same way every time with the tables, chairs, coolers and food.”

Kate and her husband, Tim, know the ins and outs of tailgating — they’ve been doing it for 15 years.

Kate said their tailgate is very welcoming, and many friends and family join every week. When it comes to food, the Piepers keep things simple.

“I wish I could tell you that I make my grandmother’s recipe or something, but we’re all about easy,” she said. “We get our fried chicken from Super Saver. But if there’s a birthday, there will always be a cake.”

The Piepers tailgate in the parking loop in front of Memorial Stadium, one of several donor parking lots. Available on game day only, six hours before kickoff, the rules to reserve a space are strict and competitive. Even with a reserved space, navigating is sometimes difficult on busy game days.

“We’re always late-comers,” Kate said. “We ended up moving spots a few years ago because we wanted shade and could park easier.”

Kate Pieper talks about her experience attending Husker football games:


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