UNL student pursues music passion through Vine and journalism

Cortez profile

Efren Cortez was going to be Vine famous.

Cortez, a senior journalism major at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, posted his first Vine on Dec. 14, 2014. After watching it reach 1,000 loops, he was hooked.

For a year, Cortez posted one six-second video to the video-sharing app every two weeks. The next year, he made it once every week. By summer 2016, Cortez was posting multiple Vines every week, averaging 1,700 loops.

Cortez’s brother introduced him to Vine his senior year of high school. At first, he wasn’t impressed.

“It’s weird saying this now, but I thought it was dumb,” Cortez said.

In January 2017, Vine was discontinued, leaving only an archive of old videos.

Despite first impressions, Vine was a large part of Cortez’s identity for two years. He was devastated when he heard the app was shutting down.

“It felt like I was losing my home or a close friend,” he said. “I’m still struggling to find something to fill the void.”

Through it all, music has been at the center of Cortez’s passion. His vines were typically music-related and even now this love has carried into his journalism career. Cortez hopes to write music and movie reviews after he graduates, while also pursuing music.

“I would like to be playing bass for a punk band and/or making short films on the side.”


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