Retired paramedic rescues a Husker tailgate

Retired paramedic Steve Yatch took a break from saving lives and decided instead to save a pregame Husker party.

Steve Yatch and his wife, Caroline, stand in front of their tailgating ambulance.

Yatch and his wife, Caroline, arrive outside of Memorial Stadium every game day in a decked-out, red and white ambulance with huge Huskers logo on both sides. They’ve been tailgating with the vehicle for the past 15 years.

But the ambulance has been a part of Yatch’s life far longer than that.

“This is the ambulance I worked on as an EMT and did runs in, so there is a long connection here,” he said.

When the Fire Department of Chambers, Nebraska, determined the ambulance wasn’t fit for use anymore, Yatch saw an opportunity and went for it. listen

He transformed the inside of the vehicle into a tailgater’s dream, complete with carpeting, seats, food platters and a flat-screen TV.

And when visitors and neighbors of the tailgate hear the siren blare, they know that it can only mean good things because the couple sound it every time the Huskers score.

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