Out-of-state UNL student now a big football fan

As an out-of-state student, Anna Gleason never experienced anything like Husker tailgating.

“It surprised me,” the Minnesota transplant said. “At the University of Minnesota, it’s all college students. But here’s it’s families; it’s literally everyone.”

When Gleason first moved to Lincoln in August 2014, she said she didn’t know what to expect from game day. She pictured a more traditional experience with grilling and lawn chairs.

She was surprised by the student fan experience.

“The whole going to the (North) Bottoms thing, I definitely didn’t expect,” she said. “It’s basically just like a party, but they call it tailgating.”

And with partying, she said, comes choosing the perfect outfit.

For the Nebraska vs. Rutgers game on Saturday, Sept. 23, Gleason made her own shirt.

After a few attempts, and ruining a few red tanks, she finally got it right. She cut one of her dad’s old Husker shirts into a tube top. listen

“I’ve never DIY-d a shirt,” she said. “It took longer than I’m proud of admitting.”

Anna Gleason wears her favorite Maybelline red liquid lipstick for every tailgate.

But outfits, the perfect red lipstick and shoes aren’t the only aspects of game day that gets Gleason most excited.

She said that unlike most of her close friends, she enjoys watching the game.

“I like the football aspect of it because I’m a sports person,” she said. “But the best part of game day is mostly just hanging out with friends in a different setting.”

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