Tailgate is welcome break from normal life

For Omaha native Brandon Reicks, his once-a-year tailgate with friends is a welcome respite from the normal routine.

Reicks started tailgating Nebraska games his freshman year of college. But these days, with the activities of his kids and work, he’s pressed for time.

That’s why his yearly trip to Lincoln is a breath of fresh air.

This year, the weekend that fit in their schedules happened to be the homecoming game against Rutgers.  The friends set up their tailgate north of Haymarket Park.

Reicks sat in a lawn chair, sipping a cold beer and telling stories about wild games with friends, they laugh and enjoy the time they get to spend together.

Brandon Reicks (second from the right) and his friends enjoying a break from the work week.

As more people showed up, Reicks tarted to help them unload chairs and food. He said that his favorite part about tailgating is getting to meet people from all across the state.

Reicks talked about the instability in Husker football.  When he was asked if he had an opinion on the Eichorst firing, he laughed.

“I have a lot of thoughts about it, probably too many for a newspaper,” he said.

He does have faith that the administration knows what they’re doing and they will find stability soon.  

“The firing somebody every five to seven years, it’s not sustainable.  We need very strong leadership and I think Ronnie Green and Hank Bounds are those guys.”

When asked for a picture, Reicks called over to his friends and told them they had to be in the photograph.  

“I don’t really want to be in this alone.”

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