We Run Winter!

  • 25 lucky women walked away with a pair of the NEW Ultra Boost XATR.


Who runs the world…GIRLS! That’s just what Adidas wanted to make sure the women here at UNL remember.

With the launch of the brand new Ultra Boost XATR shoes, UNL’s Adidas group figured out a fun, unique, but active way to get women out of bed in the almost freezing temperatures on a Saturday morning.

The group put together a 5k run with prizes, a DJ, and lunch served for anyone who participated. They put a fun spin on Adidas’ slogan for the shoes, “We run winter,” and incorporated ice blocks in the displays but also the run.

Right when the women showed up to the City Campus Union they could see this huge ice block with these pieces of paper in them. Later they would find out that 25 duplicated bib numbers had been frozen in the ice, but those lucky 25 would win a free pair of Ultra Boost XATR.

“It was amazing! It was so fun just to see everyone come out and it was just such a good time,” said UNL student Ana Rodriguez. Rodriguez also helped to rep the gear leading up to the event and was one of many of the women on campus to help spread the word to other women and her friends.

The shoes are one of the first to just be made specifically for women and to help aid them in training in all kinds of weather, hence the XATR, which stands for all terrain. Adidas representative Stephanie Shalz says that they are excited launch a show specifically focused on women.

Master of ceremonies, or MC, Justina McConnell, also stressed the image Adidas wants to get across to women. “We will no longer be a damsel in distress. And together as a group, we are way more powerful. Be strong.”

After the race runners were rewarded with a healthy lunch to refuel after the workout, they got a chance to try on the new Ultra Boosts and received a gift card for just doing that, and the lucky 25 bib numbers were called out for the ladies who won a free pair of shoes. Women not only walked away with a gift card, some new shoes, and also some awesome gear that reps handed out throughout the event.

Adidas reps were so happy with how the event turned out and are looking forward to returning to UNL for another event soon.


Produced & written by Sarah Firestone.

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