Board game brings UNL students together

It doesn’t have to be a full moon in order for a group of University of Nebraska-Lincoln students  to play a board game about werewolves.

These game enthusiasts meet nearly every Friday and Saturday in University Suites to play “Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow,” a popular Chinese board game that is similar to “Mafia” in that players are assigned secret roles.

“This is the number one game in China right now,” said Jim Yao, a UNL senior who is credited with bringing the game to campus.

The game provides international students with the opportunity to take part in a popular craze from home, even while they’re thousands of miles away.

The students play the game in Mandarin, allowing them to communicate using their native language. According to UNL Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow Club president Bo Yang, running the game in Mandarin is helpful because it lets players use humor and logical discussion that might be difficult to interpret into English.

The club had about 70 students at their first meeting of the year, all of them being fluent in Mandarin, Yao said. After seeing this positive response, the club decided to open up the game to domestic students and start an English-speaking section. listen

“We had a blast doing the Mandarin side of the club, so I was thinking if I could promote it to domestic students,” Yao said.

So far Yang said there haven’t been as many English-speaking students playing the game.

“We have some problems in trying to introduce the game to local people,” Yang said.

The club attended Big Red Welcome, dispersed hundreds of fliers and created a Facebook page to get the word out.

On Oct. 21, the club held a game night in the University Suites. In one room, nine domestic students played the game in English alongside three international students.

“It’s a good way to bring our international people to local people,” Yang said.

In another area, about 20 international students watched and played the Mandarin version, using live video to show audience members in one room what was happening inside the game room.

Yang hopes the club can appeal to more English speaking members so the international and domestic students can combine together to become friends and share cultures.

“I hope it will happen.”

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