Huskers fall to the Wildcats in OT

  • U.S. Armed forces were honored before kickoff.

The last time Northwestern came to town, former Nebraska quarterback Ron Kellogg launched a Hail Mary that former wideout Jordan Westerkamp somehow ended up catching with no time left on the clock in regular play, and the Huskers won! This year, Mike Riley and his team weren’t so lucky. The Huskers and the Wildcats made sure to make it another thrilling match up between the two on Saturday.

The Nebraska Husker football team came up short against the Northwestern Wildcats. Northwestern came off a win over Michigan State last week, in overtime, which is the same way the Wildcats pulled off the victory against the Huskers. Northwestern is now the first team in FBS history to win 3 straight games in overtime.

Northwestern started the game off strong, forcing a three-and-out from the Huskers. The Wildcats drove down the field in 10 plays scoring the opening touchdown of the game. After that both teams traded interceptions, both Tanner Lee and Clayton Thorson made mistakes that essentially put the ball in the other teams hands.

Lee took some control of his offense, driving them downfield to tie up the game seven to seven. Northwestern then got moving as Thorson and his offense started moving the ball with runs and some diving catches from his receivers. When Nebraska got the ball back they responded right back taking the ball the other way for a score.

Nebraska opened the half off strong as Marcus Newby took a pick six to the house! Thorson missing one of his receives and Newby responding to it, caring it 49 yards to put the huskers up 21-17. Nebraska’s momentum didn’t stop there. The blackshirts help Thorson and his offense on a crucial 3rd and 6, and the Nebraska’s offense got the ball back. Wildcat defense stopped the Huskers just short in the rezone forcing them to kick a field goal. The Huskers led the game 24-17.

The game took a turn for the Wildcats. Lee’s pass was off target and Northwestern capitalized on the opportunity taking it back 84 years in 13 plays to tie the game up with only about 3 minutes left in regulation play. Nebraska would get the ball back with a chance to win with no overtime, but the Wildcat defense stopped them short again, forcing the Huskers to put the ball with just under 2 minutes left in regulation. The Wildcats took a chance and tried the famous Ron Kellogg Hail Mary pass, but no one was able to get a hand on it and come down with the ball.

This game was going to overtime. Nebraska hadn’t played in an overtime game since Wisconsin last year.

Northwestern started with the ball and the Huskers held them back from the goal line until the Wildcats last possession of the game, 4th and inches. Thorson kept it for a quarterback sneak and the Wildcats went up 31-24.

Nebraska had a chance to respond but couldn’t get anything moving. Lee’s pass was incomplete on first, and the Lee was sacked on second for a loss of yards. Gaining only eight yards back, it put the Huskers in a 4th and 11 situation on the 26 yard line. With one last chance, Lee threw to Spielman but he came down empty handed.

The Huskers would lose in OT to the Wildcats, 31-24. This marked the first time since 2006 that the Huskers lost at home in OT. The last time was against Kansas. Northwestern improves to 6 and 3 this season, placing them second in the Big Ten West. And Nebraska falls under five hundred for the season, with a 4 and 5 record.

The Huskers will travel to Minnesota next Saturday to take on the Golden Gophers. It’ll be an early morning for the teams as kick off is set for 11 A.M.


Produced & written by Sarah Firestone.

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