A Tailgate Brings a Family Together

Family and Football 

To most of Husker nation, tailgating is a holiday. For Doug Brown, it is just that. It is a way to bring the family together and watch football.

Brown was born in Lincoln and has been coming to Husker games for as long as he can remember. Being apart of the action at a young age was what made a start to this tailgating tradition.

“Had season tickets since I was a kid. Always wanted to have a nice tailgate. It really just came down to getting everyone together,” Brown said.

Brown invites people from Minnesota to Iowa to Omaha, and even other neighboring cities to join in on the festivities of what Husker tailgating is all about.

WIth any tailgate, the food is the top priority. Even though Brown and his wife carter most of the food, they try to switch up the menus at every game day to keep it lively and fun.

“There’s a new theme every week. So sometimes we will have a Mexican theme and carter a Mexican restaurant or vice versa, we will do pizza,” Brown said.

To Brown and his family and friends, being able to watch football and catch up with one another is what keeps them coming back out to the same tailgate spot every game day.

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