Barnes and Noble is a treat for the Fischer family

Sarah Fisher and her children enjoy looking at books on Saturdays.

For Sarah Fischer and her kids, Saturday means a weekly appearance at the local Barnes and Noble. Today they came to kill some time between other obligations.

“The family loves to read, so it’s a great place to come and hang out,” Fischer said.

Going to Barnes and Noble is a treat for everyone in the family. Fischer’s kids either get books or, like today, pick out a toy. Mom and Dad also love the excursion, as they head to the discount section to see what is for sale. On this day, it was just Mom and her two youngest children.

The kids don’t have a preferred genre of books. Her youngest, a daughter, is just learning to read, and her middle child, a son, reads just about anything.

“MJ has a million series he’s reading right now, so I don’t know what his series of the day is,” Fischer said.

Fischer’s oldest child has a mental handicap so she enjoys picture books and making her own story lines.

All of the Fischer children love to read, which seems to be a hobby lost in favor of watching television.

“They like reading so much because they see it,” she said. “My husband and I constantly read. We read to them. We got audio books when they were too young to read. We wanted them to know books have more stories than television.”


To hear why reading is important to Fischer and her family, listen here.

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