Best friends share Fifty Shades movie tradition

Best friends Becky Mackling (at right) and Megan Luedtke share a tradition of watching the latest “Fifty Shades” movie when it is released.

Best friends Becky Mackling and Megan Luedtke have a tradition of seeing “Fifty Shades” movies together when the movies are released each year leading up to Valentine’s day.

So here they were on Saturday at Marcus Edge Park Theater in Northeast Lincoln getting ready to buy tickets for the final movie in the trilogy: “Fifty Shades Freed.”

Luedtke introduced Mackling to the series.

“Megan is the reason I got interested in the series,” Mackling said. “I haven’t read all the books like she has, but I still enjoy watching the movies with her.”

Luedtke is happy she was able to get Mackling hooked.

“It has become a fun tradition for us to watch the movies together each year,” she said.

They made plans over a month in advance to see “Fifty Shades Freed” together on Saturday, Feb. 10.

The movie was released on Thursday evening, but Saturday afternoon worked best for the friends.

“Today worked out best for our schedules. I live in Norfolk and Megan lives in Lincoln so we had to make arrangements a month in advance to be able to see the movie together,” Mackling said.

As the series comes to an end, Mackling and Luedtke are satisfied with the way the series ended and thought the plot played out well.

Mackling and Luedtke recommend others to give the “Fifty Shades” trilogy a shot because of its dramatic plot line.

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