Lincoln family is attracted to Nebraska State Capitol’s art

Ron Silver took a friend and his children to the Nebraska State Capitol on Saturday to take in the artwork and pretty much had the whole place to themselves.

The wintry weather apparently kept others away, leaving the Silvers with the opportunity to freely wander the nearly empty building.

Silver said he was surprised by the lack of people and security in the Capitol.

“The State Capitol is unique because it is an open building,” he said. “In the fact that there is no security, you can go anywhere, and we are the only ones in here.”

Silver was joined by his son and daughter and a friend from out-of-town.  The Lincoln resident and filmmaker wanted to show them all the building’s art.

“I think the architecture and the attention to artistic detail is interesting, and the reverence to Lincoln and his legacy,” he said.

As a filmmaker, Silver has a great appreciation for art — and said he enjoys sharing the creativity and beauty of the building with others.

Filmmaker Ron Silver took a friend and his children on a tour of the Nebraska State Capitol.

“This is such a creative expression in a time when people of the Plains weren’t particularly viewed as particularly creative people.” listen

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