Lincoln resident discovers new hobby in ice fishing

The idea of sitting outside for hours on end can sound like a nightmare for some people.

For Lincoln resident Brody Stobenow, however, it is the perfect place to spend his weekend.

Stobenow, 25, has spent nearly every weekend since December ice fishing at Holmes Lake. He sits in a blue fold-up chair, patiently waiting for a fish to take a bite from below the inches of ice.

This is Stobenow’s first year ice fishing. He said he decided to pick up the hobby after the birth of his first child.

“These past couple years I’ve got a lot more into fishing because I’ve had a child and slowed down the other side of my life, so I found other hobbies,” he said.

Stobenow has been acquiring equipment throughout the year. While he said the hobby is expensive, he has enjoyed it. One of his best experiences while ice fishing came when he caught a catfish, which he said is rare.

As long as the fish are biting, he said, the weather doesn’t matter.

Stobenow said he hopes to some day introduce ice fishing to his son, but he doesn’t want to force him into it.

“I’m going to support whatever he wants to do. I’ll see if he likes it, but if he doesn’t, whatever.”

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