National foosball tournament in Lincoln boasts over 100 competitors

Competitors in a south Lincoln foosball tournament don’t play for leisure — and they certainly don’t play for fun.

Steve Murray (left) and Mark Kraus, reigning Foosmania Senior Double World Cup champions, participated Saturday in a national foosball tournament in Lincoln.

Even though the 2018 VSS Foosmania Tournament was held at The Garage Sports Bar & Grill, hardly anyone could be found with a drink in their hand.

With a combined $4,500 on the table, who could blame them? Along with the cash, professionals were also competing to defend their national and worldwide rankings.

Reigning Senior Double World Cup champions Mark Kraus, 56, and Steve Murray, 58, were among the crowd, which boasted over 100 competitors. Since meeting at a tournament in Texas over a decade ago, the pair has regularly competed overseas in Spain, Italy, France and Germany.

With over 15 world championship titles between them, the two have had their fair share of winning.

“We win a lot because we practice a lot,” Kraus said.

Kraus has been playing ever since his high school hangout, The Bootleg Bar in Madrid, Nebraska, got a foosball table.

“There was nothing else to do,” he said.

He now practices on three different tables in his Madrid home.

After Foosmania, the pair will compete in a tournament in Austin, Texas. If they continue their winning habits, they should qualify for the world circuit and compete again overseas later this year.

Eavesdrop on the the pair’s game-time banter: 

Listen to Steve and Mark’s in-game banter.

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