Nebraska Young Creatives Meetup inspires youth

Local artist Peter Barnes chats with others at the Nebraska Young Creatives Meetup.

To Peter Barnes, creativity represents a spark of light in the darkness. That’s why he was so eager to spend Saturday with other young artists at the Nebraska Young Creatives Meetup and have them feel that spark.

Barnes, a local photographer, helped organize the meetup at Turbine Flats, where dozens of artistic young people mingled in the industrial space. The event was an opportunity for Barnes to break out of his typical routine.

“I’m normally sleeping on Saturday, or shooting a wedding,” he said. “So, this gives me a chance to get out.”

Barnes said the inclusive environment of the meetup allowed him and others to feel safe. And it helped him to network with like-minded people and further hone in on his craft.

An active member of the art community, Barnes said new members often struggle with knowing who to talk to. That’s why he was so excited by the concept for the event. It was a sure-fire way for artists breaking into the industry to meet others.

Reaching out isn’t always easy, but it’s important. That’s why Barnes hopes he can take part in more events like this. He said networking is crucial in getting ahead.

“I want to stay involved,” he said. “I want people to see the spark.”

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