Woman empowers others – one stitch at a time

Angie Barrett spends her Saturdays with a knitting needle in hand and of group of women surrounding her. But during this particular weekend, the snow fell and the driveway stayed empty.

Angie Barrett takes advantage of the quiet to knit at her store in her southeast Lincoln home.

Barrett started knitting about six years ago, and her love of knitting inspired her to open Knit Paper Scissors – a yarn shop in the basement of her southeast Lincoln home in August 2015. This yarn shop turned into a community classroom as Barrett passed her love of the hobby on to others.

“It’s kind of a zen-type of craft in that it helps with relaxation, anxiety and stress,” Barrett said.

The snow that fell on Lincoln this weekend hindered Barrett’s customers from stopping by, but that didn’t stop her from knitting on her own as she reflected on how she got here.

“My grandmother was a big-time knitter, but I never really learned from her I’m sorry to say,” she said. “I’m sure she would just be so tickled to know that I own a yarn shop now and teach other people to knit.”

Angie Barrett likes to buy local yarn to help support people in the area.

Barrett said she’s always worked with women her entire life.

“I love empowering women, you know building women up and helping them feel good about themselves,” she said.

Barrett stays busy doing what she loves, but on this snowy Saturday in February – she enjoyed the quiet of her shop with her knitting needle and yarn – often the only things she ever needs.

Barrett described ways Knit Paper Scissors works to give back to the Lincoln community: listen

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