ArtReach Project aims to help people create

Originally having a studio in her home garage, Tamara Kaye, wanted to be able to allow more people to be able to participate in art. The ArtReach Project is one of the only organizations like this in Lincoln.

“I wanted to be able to give people a reason to be creative,” Kaye said.

Living in the heart of Lincoln the non-profit organization helps people feel like they created a difference. The studio is located in the Gateway Mall offering walk in or scheduled classes for people of all ages.

The ArtReach Project goes by three main objectives, give, grow and gather. Each of these means a different thing.

Give, this means they give back to the community –it’s creativity for a cause. They want artists to be able to give back to the community.

Grow is the way that the program gives back. By offering classes and camps they are able to expand their business in the community.

Gather is what the main room in the space has to offer, it’s a spot where people can come in and do the various activities and get together and have fun.

The ArtReach Project is a space meant for people that aren’t always considered an artist. It’s purpose is to have an impact on the community to be able to be creative.
“We want people’s creativity be able to flourish,” Kaye said.
Each Saturday the location in the mall is open to the public to come in and enjoy the different classes and events going on. There are small classes offered such as origami, henna and classes aimed at certain ages. The idea is that there is a project for everyone.

Monthly classes are also offered along with events that give back to the community. Currently the program is working with local artists painting rocking chairs that will be auctioned off and all of the funds will go towards Lincoln Community Action.

“Art is who you are and it’s a way to express yourself,” Kaye said.

The ArtReach Program opened in June 2017 and has plans to be able to open up other locations when it becomes available.

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