College of Business hosts “Instagram 101” workshop to empower new users

The Communications, Marketing and External Communications team at the College of Business hosted an “Instagram 101” workshop to offer students, faculty and staff who are unfamiliar with the social media platform a chance to gain the skills needed to develop a personal brand.

The workshop, which was originally scheduled to be held in Hawks Hall 306, was moved to 310 in order to accommodate overflow.

Kim Smith, the COB’s Assistant Director for Communications and Marketing, started her presentation by addressing Instagram’s mission statement.

“The goal of Instagram is to strengthen relationships through shared experiences,” Smith said, “That’s why we’re here today.”

According to Stephanie Smith, the COB’s Social Media and Design Coordinator, 73 percent of college students nationwide use Instagram, which is why its important for students and faculty alike to learn how to communicate effectively using the tool.

“They can communicate better with prospective students and colleagues if they’re speaking the language of the students,” Stephanie Smith said.

Kim Smith went on to highlight the key functions of the application such as searching, tagging and uploading photos. Then the attendees were asked to pair up and draft an Instagram post using their newfound knowledge.

After covering the basics, the duo then addressed helpful tips to boost social media engagement like frontloading important information in captions and using Instagram live as a live-streaming option.

According to Deb Eisloeffel, Human Resource Manager for the COB, the workshop was a hands-on way for her to get a firm grasp on the ins and outs of Instagram.

“I work in the college and I’ve used Instagram some,” Eisloeffel said. “I’m thinking about how to use social media more efficiently and purposefully in my work, so I wanted to get a better sense of how to use it.”

Eisloeffel said she thinks it’s vital students and other people on campus are gaining these skills now, when they’re free, instead of paying for them later on down the road.

“We wanted to offer a free resource that students and faculty don’t have to go anywhere for,” Kim Smith said. “Everyone comes in at different levels of experience so we try to make sure we start with basics and continue to grow the skills.”

The conclusion of “Instagram 101” wraps up a series of social media skill-building workshops put on by the COB, addressing topics like “Twitter 101” and “Updating Web Profiles.”

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