Express Yourself Expo brings talent of all kinds

Sandeep Bhatti sat down and displayed his Harmonium which is a small piano looking instrument that is used to play traditional indian songs. Along with his playing he sang.

“I hope I was able to connect with the audience by showing you what my Indian culture looks like,” Bhatti said.

Bhatti took part in the Express Yourself Expo, put on by the Department of Student Affairs and Oasis, a group that helps with ethnic minority groups on campus, to put on the Express Yourself Expo. To be able to perform students had to fill out a form and if they were chosen they got $75 for a club of their choice and received $25 gift card.

Oasis strives promote academic excellence, diversity awareness and social engagement to all students. They work to assure that everyone is welcome and everyone has a purpose. They team up quite often with different organizations to promote their mission statement and to include everyone.

“This is a place for anybody to do whatever they want and to feel welcome,” Kevin Reese, program coordinator of Oasis said.

The Express Yourself Expo had a range of talents from art, singing, poetry and playing instruments.

The purpose of the expo was to showcase talents of all kinds and not to feel discouraged. The event started out with Reese getting everyone comfortable together and stating the message that Oasis wants to spread, acceptance.

Starting with talents such as slam poetry, singing performances and ukulele playing. One individual brought himself up on stage to really express something that meant a lot to him that he wanted to share with the people on this campus.

Bhatti described the use of his instrument along with how he feels it is important to be able to show his talent to people on campus. He proudly described how his instrument ties into his native culture.

“I feel like music has a universal language and I’m glad I could bring my Indian culture to this event tonight,” Bhatti said.

Oasis holds many events throughout the year to keep expanding diversity throughout campus. Their next event will be on March 14 at the recreation center for Soul Line Dancing.

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