Greek Weekend comes to a close with lip sync battle

Greek Weekend at UNL is much different than the stereotypical togas, in-house parties and frat guys with sorority girls running wild all over campus seen in movies.

According to the Office of Sorority and Fraternity Life, Greek Weekend is meant to “come together as a community and form relationships.” The weekend is centered around The Big Event — a service event where students volunteer around Lincoln — and includes a blood drive, canned food drive and an educational speaker.

But the one event that tops the whole weekend off is the Greek Weekend lip sync battle.

Each year, much like homecoming, there is a theme for Greek Weekend. Chapters are put into 10 triads to come up with an original banner and lip sync dance that align with the theme. This year, that theme is memes.

A meme is “a humorous image, video, piece of text, etc., that is copied (often with slight variations) and spread rapidly by Internet users,” according to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary. Yes, it’s in the dictionary now.

“I think the theme is hilarious,” junior Beta Theta Pi member Jake Johnson said. “I haven’t been able to come to this since my freshman year so I’m excited to see what my brothers have put together.”

The members of each chapter show up to support their triad: you can hear the chants rippling throughout the Coliseum. The chapters sit together and chant, sing and dance to set the tone of excitement for the competition.

Each triad performed a one-three-minute routine incorporating various memes with their music selections. The ladies who represented Delta Gamma in their routines said they practiced for hours to perfect their routine—one performer also said she and her triad members “gave our blood, our sweat and our tears for that.” The hype for this event is real.

Throughout the night, Phil Foster from the Office of Sorority and Fraternity Life took the time to talk about many things happening in the Greek community, but he also took the time to address something a little more serious. Foster asked the fraternity men and sorority women in the room to examine the rape culture and sexual violence along with other difficult subjects. He noted these issues cannot be on the back burner.

“It’s on us,” Foster said.

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