Hickman holds inaugural Adult Prom

The newly formed City of Hickman Chamber of Commerce held its inaugural Adult Prom, Saturday, April 7, to raise funds for the 2018 Hickman Hay Days festival.

“I anticipate it getting fun and rowdy tonight,” Sugar Bee bakery and coffee shop owner, Sarah Gray, said smiling. “But you know, it’s fun, it’s our cute little Hickman town.”

Gray, who spearheaded event planning and pushed for the “Enchantment Under the Sea” theme, said beyond raising funds the event is a way for new community members to meet and socialize.
The adult prom was held in Hickman’s recently built community center, that doubles as its city hall and small public library and reading center.

Hickman, established in 1872, part of the Lincoln Metropolitan Statistical Area, is a young town and is one of the fastest growing cities in Nebraska according to the 2010 Census and projected growth. Citizen’s median age is about 32 and the city, with an estimated 1,700 citizens, has added approximately 500 residents since 2010.

“Hickman has been around for a while, but it’s growing and booming,” Gray said, smiling in her sparkling purple dress with matching purple-dyed hair. “[Adult Prom] is a good opportunity for all our neighbors to meet each other.”

Amy Keetle, Hickman Chamber of Commerce President and owner of United Country Real Estate, said that Adult Prom was the first opportunity for the chamber to act for the community.

“It’s our first real event that we’re hosting to try and get business and community members to come and support Hay Days,” she said. “So we can make it bigger and better this year.”

Hickman Hay Days is the city’s conglomerate summer festival that includes food and business vendors, parades, pancake feeds, city-wide garage sales, auto shows and other events designed to promote business interest and community building.

Both Gray and Keetle are hopeful that Adult Prom will be a success, and they were excited to see early interest in the event.

“We came up with this a few months ago, and I was so pleasantly surprised with the community outreach,” Gray said. “As soon as the Facebook page hit it was being shared.”

At the time of the event, approximately 400 people on Facebook expressed interest in attending.

Gray has already been asked if adult prom will be an annual occurrence, and what the next theme would be. She said she hasn’t settled on a theme, but people can count on more proms.

“We will definitely be doing one of these next year,” she said laughing. “I do love to twist a streamer!”

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