Islamic Awareness Week fundraiser aims to help Muslims world wide

Islamic Awareness Week, hosted by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Muslim Student Association, is dedicated to showing show students a portion of Islamic culture that isn’t often portrayed in the media.

On April 5, the organization sold Arabic tea and coffee along with baklava and other Arabic desserts. Also for sale were Arabic stickers with phrases and a henna artist giving tattoos. All of the proceeds from the event are being donated to Islamic Relief.

Islamic Relief is an international humanitarian organization that will donate the funds to Ghouta, Syria and Myanmar. The Muslim Student Association teamed up with the Islamic Relief because they wanted to help people on a global scale.

“It was really hard to decide what to fundraise for,” Tasneem Ali the vice president said. “We wanted it for ourselves but the more we got thinking the more we realized a lot of people are in need.”

Many of the attendees happened to stumble upon the fundraiser but were happy to leave with sweet treats and a caffeine boost.

Nigora Aminaova, the henna artist was popular. She has been giving henna tattoos for over five years. She likes it because everybody leaves her with a smile on their face.

The whole week has been a lot of work. Ali said she has spent over 10 hours this week making sure everything went well. But it’s been productive because she’s been able to communicate to people what her religion is and who they are as people.

“Our entire goal for MSA is to clear up misconceptions.” Ali said. “We’ve got to show people we’re peaceful. We can work with others and want to.”

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