Lincoln Hot Glass classes teach people an interesting skill

The sound of hissing torches filled Lincoln Hot Glass as eight people learned how to make glass pendants.

Matt Losee teaches three-hour glass pendant and glass marble classes on Saturdays and Sundays every week at the studio in a south Lincoln garage.

“I was one of the first people to start renting here,” Losee said. “After two months I started taking on managerial tasks and teaching.”

Losee creates the curriculum and does marketing online for the classes.

Dawn Hanna of Grand Island signed up for the class because her mom and aunt had enjoyed it.

“I thought it’d be a fun class to go to,” Hanna said. “It’s something I’ve never done before.”

Lincoln Hot Glass was opened in 2014 by Marc Kornbluh and is Lincoln’s only public glassblowing studio.

Several local artists who use the studio display their work in the front of the garage.

Losee began class by throwing a glass marble on the cement floor of the studio. Instead of shattering, the marble bounced up and through a space where a ceiling tile should be.

Losee said everyone leaves with at least one unique, durable piece.

“If aliens came to Earth and destroyed it, the glass would look the same as it does right now,” Losee said.

Losee then showed the class the different types of flames used to heat glass. The largest flame is about 1,100 degrees and is used to finish the piece.

“It was kind of difficult but it was cool to see the product that you make,” Hanna said.

Losee has been blowing glass for 13 years and enjoys teaching people who don’t know anything about blowing glass.

“Being able to come in here and chat with people, even just on a social level, not talking about glass is pretty nice,” Losee said.

Classes are $140 per person and people can sign up online through Lincoln Hot Glass’s website.

“Matt is a great teacher,” Hanna said. “I’d definitely do this again.”

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