Student spends nights, weekends renovating house

The last night in February is among the first of many nights of hard work for 20-year-old Noah Walz on his new house.

He arrives to renovate a split-level, three-bedroom, two-bathroom house at 48th and Francis streets, just off of the University of Nebraska’s East Campus. His goal is to have it ready to live in in a month and a half.

“One of the people who lived here before was actually a plumber, so it’s nice that they left all of that in good shape,” Walz said. “But the rest of the place needs a lot of work.”

The fact that Walz will have fixed up and live in a house he bought before his 21st birthday mirrors how fast things have moved in his life. He’s already earned an associate’s degree in finance, a securities license, and a State of Nebraska Insurance license, worked full time for two years as a financial planner for FP Wealth Management, and started online coursework for a master’s degree.

The plan for the remodeling is to replace the kitchen cabinets, re-paint all of the house’s walls, replace the tile in both bathrooms, and put down new flooring over the living room’s existing wood finish.


“Most people like wood flooring, and it’s good to have if it’s in good shape,” Walz said. “But this was so stained and beat up, I decided to change it up.”

Between a full time job and online classes, the only time Walz can go to work on his house is in the evenings. He arrives when the sun sets and works late into the night, aided by extra lamps spread around the floor of the house that is still without furniture.

Walz works alone on this particular night, as he often does. His dad, Jim, and a couple of family friends plan to pitch in for some of the more complex projects.

He goes to work pulling base boards, laying the new flooring tiles in the living room, and picturing what he wants the place to look like as well as what it will take to make it look that way.


When the renovation is done, he plans to rent out the other two bedrooms.

“It’s a sense of pride,” Walz said of his project. “There are people helping me, but it feels good to have done this much already.”


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