Ska band brings new sound to Lincoln

Jarett Eaton, was in a Ska band in Kearney, Neb. prior to moving to Lincoln. When he came to Lincoln he had noticed there weren’t any Ska bands.

“Lincoln’s music scene was already thriving to me but it was missing a band that just made you want to dance and move,” Eaton said.

While out with friend Madeline Christensen, he listened to her sing along with a No Doubt song. That made him want to start a band of his own with her on vocals.

Originating in the 1950’s in Jamaica Ska music quickly made its raise into the United States. Combining Caribbean beats and American Jazz and blues many artists took to the unique sound and kept Ska in the mainstream. Bands such as No Doubt and Sublime are considered to be Ska.

Ska is no stranger to small indie bands, being that it’s one of the most popular genres for new small bands to start out with, it’s an easy way to get their foot in the door. With basic instruments such as guitar, drums and bass Ska also incorporates brass instruments like the trumpet and saxophone as well.

With a guitarist and singer, Eaton and Christensen were now on their way to forming a band. Eaton’s friend, Danny Peck, was also in the band in Kearney and joined Mad Dog after moving to Lincoln. Through Peck, the band found Anthoni Antillon to play drums. After everyone had been found, Eaton decided this band needed horns. By hanging up posters, the band found Hedrick Viljoen for tenor sax, and eventually Tristan Moore for the trumpet.

The strong female vocalist, Christensen brings her own sense of style into the band with her lyrics. Her interaction with the crowd and the band keeps the feel of the show fun and upbeat.

Eaton, lead guitarist, brings a punk side to Mad Dog. He carries the flow of each song along with being very colorful on stage. With moving around and interacting with the crowd he keeps the energy up.

The lead trumpet player, Moore always wanted to be in a band but never came across the right fit. When he heard about Mad Dog needing a new trumpet player, he knew he needed to pick up that trumpet he hadn’t touched in almost a year. After a few practice runs he got asked to join the band.

“Music is everything, I make it my only focus in life,” Moore said

Traveling to as close as Omaha and as far as Los Angeles, Mad Dog is getting out there and has hopes that they can one day open up for some bigger bands.

“I would say we’ve definitely picked up as band, we’re booking more shows and getting more popular,” Moore said.

The band, which is now two years old, is starting to get its fair share of bookings. They will be heading to Denver and Dallas in the upcoming months. Their next show is March 1st in Denver.

Their next Lincoln show will be at the Zoo Bar on April 21.


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