Senior at UNL continues her love of 4-H

Brennan takes one of her family’s four horses on a trip outside the barn on their property outside of Grand Island, Neb.


Giselle Brennan never knew what life was with out having a horse to ride. Ever since the age of two she has been riding horses with the help of her mother.

Even though they lived in Omaha, Neb. it did not stop them from finding ways to ride. If those ways included having to visit family and friends on a ranch or visit the rodeo, they always found a way to get Brennan able to ride a horse.

“I was riding old stock horses at rodeos just because my mom’s best friend would take us to show us the ropes,” said Brennan.

After a rain storm on the Brennan’s family farm left two of their horses able to play and roll in the mud.

After Brennan turned 12 years old, her family and her moved to Grand Island, Neb. were her dream of owning her own horse became a reality.

Since she loved being involved in the rodeo setting her parents found her a local 4-H Group where she was able to join the program and to start learning how to take care of her new horse,Johnathan.

“We found a 4H Group I could join and ever since then it was something I was constantly doing,” said Brennan.

After she joined the group she started learning how 4-H work and how each level of the horse category went.

In the beginning of the experience she learned how to care for a horse, like brushing, feeding, and riding the horse. Then at the end of her 4-H experience she learned the process of buying feed for an entire barn to expenses of what a horse can cost in a lifetime.

Brennan sometimes has to bribe her horse, Dreamer, with apples while they stroll around the property.

4-H is just horses, there is a lot of other animal projects,” Brennan said. “But it’s just not animals…4-H isn’t just strictly agriculture there’s a lot of good programs involved in 4-H. It’s defiantly something every kid should have a opportunity to be involved in know matter what program they end up finding their home in.”

Through out her 4-H career Brennan held multiple officer positions like treasurer, secretary, and president. She has also made life time memories and friends she would never want to replace all do to the 4-H community.

Brennan who is now, 21, is a senior at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln majoring in nutrition and dietetics. After she graduates in May she hopes to continue her schooling through a graduate program or internship in nutrition. Once she is done with grad school she would like to start her own 4H group to help kids discover their own growth and experiences that 4-H has to offer.

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