Husker Game Day

Tailgating and football go hand in hand. Its like Christmas morning and wrapped presents to Nebraska folk. 

Nebraska’ first football game didn’t go as expected but that didn’t keep the fan’s spirit down. The first game was intended to be played against Akron on September first, but a HUGE storm rolled in making everyone have to evacuate the stadium and find shelter.

The following weekend, the Huskers kicked off their official season opener against Colorado. Before kick off, everyone in the stadium knew Colorado was going to give Nebraska a run for their money. Although Nebraska lost 33 to 28, the fans were still ready to come back for the next weekends game.


Scott Frost, the former 1997 National Championship Quarterback, is now the head coach for the Huskers and is hoping to lead them to victory after a few season of working out kinks. His presence here in Lincoln has shifted the energy dramatically for the fans. It’s pretty equivalent to fresh coffee on a Friday morning right before a long weekend.


Amanda Acevedo is student season ticket holder for the Huskers and enjoys tailgating and the environment that game day brings to Lincoln. 

Letting the balloons go after the first touchdown is a fan favorite, even if its holding onto the balloon until close to half time. The sea of red (the football stadium), all cheer and the blue sky is filled with red balloons of celebration.

The Huskers will have to continue to fight this season to show their opponents they are a new team. However, one thing will forever be the same, once a husker, always a husker. 


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