Lincoln residents and their furry friends enjoy “dog days” of summer

As the summer draws to an end, Lincoln residents and their dogs take to Rickman's Run dog park to enjoy Labor Day.

Labor Day weekend provides a chance to spend time with loved ones and relax, and for some, time to enjoy the dwindling summer with their beloved canines. On Monday, September 3, many Lincoln residents spent their evenings with their dogs at Rickman’s Run, the dog park near Holmes Lake.

Thomas and Kimberly Goldsworthy brought their Labrador retriever-corgi mix, Cindy, to the park for the first time in a couple months so that she could get some exercise and interact with other dogs before the weather cooled down. Cindy galloped around and stopped to greet other dogs as they passed the Goldsworthy family on the gravel trail cutting through the park. 

Thomas and Kimberly Goldsworthy of Lincoln, and their dog Cindy, enjoy a walking trail at Ricksman’s Run. The family is new to Lincoln and use the park as a way for Cindy to get exercise.

One of the dogs Cindy met was a nine-year-old rat terrier named Bobbi. Bobbi’s owner, Michael Beaver, lives near the Rickman’s Run and said that the park gives Bobbi a chance to socialize with other dogs.

Beaver rescued Bobbi out of his sister’s friends’ backyard when she was a four-months old, and said that having Bobbi helps get him out of the house and active.

“I was told to just keep her for the week and take her to the pound, but I fell in love with her,” said Beaver.

Bobbi scurried from trail to trail interacting with dogs as they crossed paths. Whether large or small, Bobbi wanted to greet her everyone and find a new partner to run around with. 

Michael Beaver and his dog Bobbi spend their Labor Day evening at the dog park. Beaver likes to bring Bobbi to the park every day so she can socialize with other dogs.

While Cindy isn’t a regular at Rickman’s Run, Bobbie spends about two hours a day at the park with Beaver. Two of the dogs that Bobbi crossed paths with were Leo, a six-year-old Schipperke-Australian cattle dog mix, and his brother McLovin, a two-year-old beagle. Like Beaver, Anthony is a frequent user of the Rickman’s Run dog park. She said they visit the park at least six days a week.

“Leo is a swimmer,” said Anthony, referencing the creek which runs through a wooded area near the edge of the property. “McLovin loves to make friends and play with other dogs and just run.”

Chloé Simonson also used Labor Day evening as a way to spend time with her dog at Rickman’s Run. Her and her dog Carl, a four-month-old corgi-Australian shepherd mix, come to the park so Carl can learn how to interact with other dogs. Carl is very energetic according to Simonson, and the open spaces of the park are good for him to use to run off some of his energy. 

Carl, a four-month-old corgi-Australian shepherd mix, plays in the creek at Rickman’s Run. His owner, Chloé Simonson likes to go to the park so Carl can run off some of his excess from living in an apartment.

Like McLovin, Carl likes to run and swim through the creek and to cool off. Anthony and Simonson watched as Leo, McLovin and Carl sprinted down a hill together and plunged into the creek, happy to be out with their owners and excited to meet new friends.

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