Last Blast of Summer at Ralston Arena sends summer off with a bang

Ralston families said goodbye to summer with an event that was fun for all ages.

This Labor Day weekend, the city of Ralston came together for the Last Blast of Summer event at the Ralston Arena. On Aug. 31, the end-of-summer event featured food trucks, shopping, live music and more. The event was free to the public.

Ralston Arena at the Last Blast of Summer Event.

The Omaha cover band Finest Hour played music for the whole event. A large crowd of people sat on lawn chairs to watch the show and others listened while milling about the event. The band’s lead singer Nikki Boulay was very thankful that the weather was beautiful, and that the thunderstorms that passed through the Omaha Metro area earlier than afternoon had passed, she said.

Omaha cover band Finest Hour provided live music at the event.

The Ralston police, fire and rescue workers showed up to the event as well. Kids all around were fascinated after being able to climb up inside the vehicles and see all the equipment. The band liked to joke around with the audience in between songs, especially when one of the police officers jokingly put a kid in handcuffs.

Kids had the opportunity to play tag with water guns in an inflatable maze.

More events geared toward kids included selfies with mascots from State Farm insurance and the Omaha Lancers hockey team, as well as water tag. The kids all screamed with delight as they ran through an inflatable maze squirting each other with water guns, and were all smiles as they posed with Blades the Chicken and the State Farm “good neighbor” bear.

The incredible food trucks featured all different types of cuisine. From barbecue to cheese steaks, Mexican style churros to Hawaiian shaved ice, there was something for everyone.

At dusk, the event was ended with a fireworks show that had Ralston “ooh”ing and “ahh”ing throughout the entire performance as the national anthem played in the background.

Overall, the event was a great way to say farewell to summer and spend time with family and friends. The Last Blast of Summer was hosted by the Downtown Ralston Business Community and was presented by H&H Chevy/H&H Kia.

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