Felius Cat Cafe brings new home for cats and coffee fanatics

Fans of cats and coffee alike have taken a liking to Omaha’s newest cafe: Felius
Cat Cafe. This locally owned coffee shop allows a person to order a latte and then cuddle with a kitty while sipping on it.

The owner, Bre Phelan, has partnered with Wag, an organic pet food and grooming salon that operates the foster-based rescue: Wags to Riches. The cats in the cafe come directly from Wags to Riches and are adopted through their system as well.

Phelan said she chose to work with Wags to Riches because it is foster based, which allows Felius to become the foster space for cats. She wants to put these cats in an environment where they are not trapped in cages all day.

“I want to see this be a place where people can really experience the cats personality in  a way they’re unable to in other situations,” said Phelan.

A person interested in adopting one of the cats in the cat room can fill out an application in store. The application then gets sent over to Wag and they have a team of volunteers that makes sure the applicant is suitable and then do a home visit.

“I can’t have a cat in my current house because of my lease so coming here really helps my mood when I need to cuddle with a cat,” said Halee Henderson, an avid coffee drinker and cat lover.

Cuddling up with a pet is not a new method of reducing stress. Many universities provide therapy dog resources for students during exams to help reduce pre-exam stress.

Owning a cat provides a wide range of benefits to one’s health. Many studies link healthier and longer lives to owning pets. One study published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology concluded that exposure to cats from birth reduces the risk of a child developing asthma, pneumonia or bronchiolitis.

In the month that Felius has been open, they have had nine cats adopted. Phelan said this is right on track with their goal of 100 cats in the first 12 months of being open.

Phelan said she hopes that other cat cafes open down the road, possibly in Lincoln. She wants to educate the community on how to not overpopulate and make sure to spread the word to raise awareness. Phelan wants the cafe to be a positive ambassador that makes a positive impact on rescue programs.


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