Flaws in Lincoln Transportation System

Being visually impaired comes with quite a few challenges, and not being able to drive is one of them. Due to the poor Lincoln StarTran Bus System, those who rely on the bus system are being failed.
They say since the bus only runs once an hour they find themselves being really late to events or extremely early. And if the bus isn’t running or the times are so off of what they need, they end up having to pay for Uber’s and Lyft’s out of pocket.
Paying for Uber and Lyft’s on a weekly basis can be expensive. Especially when the companies start surge charges, which can be as much as 3 times the normal cost of a ride.
Bryan Baldwin says that the bus system is so flawed he would end up being 40 minutes early for work or 40 minutes late. His wife Stephanie has spent two hours on a bus ride that would take a person with a car 15 minutes to drive to.
They are asking the Lincoln bus system to either have more busses running, and have it running seven days a week. Another idea of theirs is to have the city pay up to a certain amount for Uber and Lyft.
Stephanie said if someone were to ask her if she could get her vision back the one thing that would make her say yes is driving. She misses the convenience and the alone time she got when she was able to drive.
Stacey Cervenka and her husband face a lot of the same issues as Stephanie and Brian. Stacey explained that when her son says he needs supplies for school, she can’t just get in her car and go. She has to wait an hour for a bus to come around, or order an Uber or Lyft.
She explained that Lincoln does have a special transportation system for the visually impaired but reservations have to be made seven days in advance.
Could you imagine having to make a seven-day order for a ride? Plans change on so often.
Stacey is hoping that Nebraska will join other states that pay partially for each Uber and Lyft rides for those who are visually impaired. She say’s is has been successful in other states and is a good system.
Brian shared his concerns saying that he is worried the Uber and Lyft system will be abused. However, the only way to find out is through trial and error process.
They plan to attend Lincoln City Council meetings and StarTrans meetings to show their case in hopes of seeing some change. They ask those who are affected by the system not only because of being visually impaired to voice their opinions.

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