Heart of Lincoln: Monitoring the pulse of the city

Workers at Collective Impact Lincoln have been knocking on doors in six neighborhoods, trying to find out what residents in the city’s most struggling areas want and need.

This special multimedia project explores those diverse and historic neighborhoods in the Heart of Lincoln by looking at their pasts and their futures.

The project was produced in the Fall 2018 semester by the following students in the Nebraska Mosaic course, a capstone for journalism majors in the University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Journalism and Mass Communications:

  • Kaleb DeCora
  • Lauren Ewinger
  • Morgan Gassert
  • Brittany Hamor
  • Alli Lorensen
  • Riley Slezak
  • Rebecca Schrack
  • Taylor Stortenbecker

Also contributing to the project:

  • Tyler Loebig, a UNL advertising/public relations student who created the Heart of Lincoln graphics.
  • Sierra Karst, a UNL journalism student, and Gabriella Parsons, a former journalism student and UNL alumna, who shot the drone video footage for the Near South and Everett neighborhoods.

These stories are part of a larger effort undertaken by the College of Journalism and Mass Communications in its One Project, One College, which involved students in a variety of courses in a civic engagement initiative.

See additional news stories: Heart of Lincoln.

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