Author: Nela Krawiecova


The man who is bringing Czechs to Nebraska

Story by Nela Krawiecova, NewsNetNebraska (*Editor’s note: Nela Krawiecova is a Robitschek Scholar and CoJMC student who explains the legacy of the man whose gift to UNL decades ago still benefits Czech students today.) It started...


Becoming Huskers miles from home

Story by Nela Krawiecova, NewsNetNebraska (to see how many students from each country study at UNL this year click on the map) On the Road At the start of this school year, 22,079 students were strolling...


Bailey Schulz NewsNetNebraska biography

Bailey Schulz biography Produced by Nela Krawiecova, NewsNetNebraska Bailey Schulz is studying at the University of Nebraska Lincoln.         Click on the video below to learn more about Bailey Schulz.